How to Say ‘I’ in Japanese

young japanese woman pointing to self with a quizzical look

Chances are you already know that watashi means “I” in Japanese. We hate to break it you but…there are more than 10 other ways to say “I”. Yikes! We’ve decided to help you out by writing an entire article on how to say “I” in Japanese. Just like Japanese honorifics, deciding how to say “I” … Read more

How to Say No in Japanese: 11 Ways

Funny Japanese man in glasses and hat crossing his arms in a 'no' gesture

The Japanese are known for their politeness, but because of their polite nature, it can be hard to say no in a straightforward way. That’s why there are many ways to say no in Japanese! There are words for declining invitations, offers, and even disagreeing with someone else’s ideas or opinions. Each of them has … Read more