FREE Websites for Japanese Reading Practice (At Every Level)

free websites for Japanese reading practice

Want to get better at Japanese? Reading is one of the best ways to improve your language skills. It’s especially important to read a lot when you’re learning a language with a different writing system, like Japanese. Hiragana, katakana and kanji can be overwhelming at first. But with enough reading practice, reading these characters will … Read more

19+ Cute and Surprising Animal Sounds In Japanese (Nyaa-Nyaa!)

Two kittens sitting on a step with one kitten miaowing

Did you know that your pet cat won’t go ‘meow’ in Japanese? Instead, a cat’s meow would be nyaa-nyaa (ニャーニャー)! In Japanese, animal sounds are replicated through onomatopoeia. Each sound differs from the biggest and baddest, to the smallest and fluffiest animals. Some don’t even have an English equivalent, making them very unique to Japan. … Read more

How To Say Everybody In Japanese (Mina-San Vs Minna)

The word for ‘everybody’ in Japanese is minna (みんな). When calling others’ attention, addressing a group or talking about ‘everybody’, the proper word is mina-san (皆さん / みなさん). You can also use minna for inanimate objects when saying ‘everything’ or ‘all’.  One of the most common beginner mistakes in learning Japanese is confusing mina and … Read more