How to Say ‘My Name Is’ in Japanese: Introduce Yourself Like a Native!

a hand holding up a blank name badge reading 'hello my name is' against a light blue background.

Once you’ve got the basic greetings covered in Japanese you are ready to engage in conversations and make new friends! When meeting someone for the first time they may ask you: anata no namae wa nan desu ka? (あなたの名前はなんですか / あなたのなまえはなんですか) meaning ‘what is your name?’. In this post, you will learn just how to … Read more

19+ Cute and Surprising Animal Sounds In Japanese (Nyaa-Nyaa!)

Two kittens sitting on a step with one kitten miaowing

Did you know that your pet cat won’t go ‘meow’ in Japanese? Instead, a cat’s meow would be nyaa-nyaa (ニャーニャー)! In Japanese, animal sounds are replicated through onomatopoeia. Each sound differs from the biggest and baddest, to the smallest and fluffiest animals. Some don’t even have an English equivalent, making them very unique to Japan. … Read more