Discover Your Language Learning Style (and Win at Studying Japanese!)

language learning styles japanese: a student wearing glasses and biting a notebook

If you’re wondering how to learn Japanese or what’s the best way to learn it, you might be interested in exploring your language learning style. Language learning styles are part of a larger category known as ‘Learning Styles’ which are divided into four major groups: visual, auditory (also called ‘verbal’), kinesthetic (also called ‘tactile’) and … Read more

The Ultimate List of Japanese Podcasts for Listening Practice (Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced)

japanese woman in black kimono listening to podcasts on headphones

I am a huge fan of using podcasts to learn Japanese! You can listen to them anywhere, anytime: while walking, doing housework, in the bath, falling asleep… you can sit down to study with a dictionary and notepad in hand, or you can listen to them passively as you go about your day to increase … Read more