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So, you want to learn Japanese? You’ve come to the right place!

Here at Team Japanese, we’re passionate about the beautiful and unique Japanese language.

Yes, Japanese has a reputation as a difficult language. And we won’t lie – it’s not always easy.

But, we truly believe that anyone can learn to speak, write and read Japanese.

We’ll show you how!

Whether your goal is to learn a few phrases before your next trip, enjoy Japanese anime, or read Japanese novels in the original versions, we’ll set you on a path to mastering Japanese in an easy and fun way.

You’ll find language learning hacks, free resources, recommended products and more.

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Our authors

Our authors all have years of experience studying, speaking and living Japanese. We know the struggles and joys of learning the language, and we’re passionate about sharing that with you!

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Rebecca Shiraishi-Miles

Rebecca is the founder of Team Japanese. She spent two years teaching English in Ehime, Japan. Now back in the UK, she spends her time blogging, self-studying Japanese and wrangling a very genki toddler.

Hannah Stafford

Hannah is a half Irish/half Japanese girl living in Ireland. Her love for Japan and the Japanese language led her to studying languages and translation in university where she specialised in Japanese. She spent a year studying abroad at Rikkyo University in Tokyo. In her free time, Hannah enjoys using her sewing machine to upcycle clothes and create new pieces!

Thea Ongchua

Thea is a freelance content writer, currently majoring in Japanese studies. She likes to create art and draws inspiration from film and music. Thea was inspired to study Japanese language and culture by reading the literary works of Haruki Murakami and Edogawa Ranpo.

Francesca Rex-Horoi

Francesca is a freelance copywriter and teacher, who moved to Tokyo from New Zealand at age 24. A linguistics and ESL major, she spent 3 years teaching at an all-boys high school. Now based in France, she remains a self-confessed Japanophile who loves kanji, cooking, cats and the outdoors.

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