Essential Phrases for Your First Conversations in Japanese

girl doing the peace sign: learn how to say i am learning japanese in japanese, and other useful phrases, to start having great conversations in Japanese!

Conversation is an essential part of language learning. If you’ve recently started learning Japanese, you’re probably excited and nervous about having your first real live conversation with a native speaker! Maybe you’ve travelled to Japan, found a language exchange partner online or made some Japanese friends in your hometown. Your first few conversations in your … Read more

How to Learn Katakana

tokyo nightlife - notice the katakana signs!

Do you want to learn katakana? Great choice! Katakana is one of the essential building blocks of the Japanese language. Learning katakana will really boost your ability to read and write Japanese! If you’re wondering how to learn Japanese, then I suggest starting with the two phonetic scripts – hiragana and katakana. We discussed hiragana … Read more