SECRET JapanesePod101 Coupon Codes for Massive Discounts!

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JapanesePod101 is my all time favourite online Japanese course. I’ve been a Premium member for years, and it’s definitely played a huge part in my Japanese journey. (Want to learn more? See my in-depth JapanesePod101 review here.)

But while I will always recommend JapanesePod101 to anyone who wants to learn Japanese, I also recommend that you NEVER pay full price!

Why? Because they are ALWAYS running massive sales and discounts. You just need the right coupon code!

I’ve collected all the best, current JapanesePod101 coupon codes I can find on this page.

These codes appear to have no expiry date (or at least, they were still active at the time of writing, and I check them regularly!)

I’ll do my best to keep this page up to date, but please be aware that these codes could change or end at any time! 

Please be sure to double check the final price before making a purchase. If the code doesn’t seem to be working, try a different one.

Biggest ever JapanesePod101 coupon code! 65% off

This is the biggest discount I’ve ever seen for JapanesePod101! They like to keep this one secret, but it appears to be an ongoing discount. You can get 65% off any Basic or Premium plan with the link below. It doesn’t work for Premium Plus.

Half price JapanesePod101 discount

In case the above code doesn’t work, try this JapanesePod101 coupon to save a nifty 50% on your membership.

The 50% discount only applies for Basic and Premium plans (not Premium Plus).

JapanesePod101 Premium Plus discount – 20% off

Most Japanesepod101 codes only apply for the Basic and Premium plans. If you’ve got your eye on Premium Plus (the top level plan that gives you access to your own Japanese teacher), you can get 20% off with this link:

JapanesePod101 student discount – 20% off

Students can get 20% off any plan at any level with this discount code:

SECRET JapanesePod101 lifetime Premium membership deal

One of the disadvantages of JapanesePod101 is their monthly subscription model. You have to keep paying every month, for as long as you use the service. And it can take years to master a language! 

Now, I’ve found a top secret page where you can sign up for lifetime Premium membership for a one-time fee. 

It’s a lot of money upfront, but if you are serious about learning Japanese and you expect to stay a member for a few years, it’s a big saving in the long run!

They don’t like to advertise this deal, I guess because they make more money from the monthly subscriptions. 

Learn more about the secret lifetime membership here:

And wait… there’s more!

In addition to the lifetime membership deal for JapanesePod101, there are two more secret deals

The first is lifetime Premium membership for any 3 languages taught by Innovative Language (JapanesePod101’s parent company). There are currently 34 languages to choose from.

The second is life Premium membership for ALL 34 languages. Wow! 

Yes, if you’re a future polyglot in training, you can learn everything from Afrikaans to Vietnamese without ever purchasing another language course.

Now obviously, this package is not cheap by any means. But if you compare it to the cost of taking individual courses for all those languages, or travelling abroad to attend a language school, it starts to look like one hell of a good deal…

JapanesePod101 Basic vs Premium vs Premium Plus – which one should you choose?

Now you know you can score a massive discount on JapanesePod101 membership. The only question left is, which package should you choose?

There are three levels of paid membership at JapanesePod101: Basic, Premium and Premium Plus.


Basic members have full access to JapanesePod101’s full library of audio and video lessons. There are literally thousands of lessons! 

You also get the in-depth lesson notes for each lesson. These are downloadable, printable notes that provide a transcript of the lesson and a recap of the new grammar and vocabulary. 


In addition to full lesson access and lesson notes, Premium membership gives you a whole host of other language learning tools to take your learning to the next level:

  • Line-by-Line Audio Dialogue
  • Japanese Core Words & Phrases
  • Daily Dose of Japanese Lessons
  • Season Vocabulary
  • Exclusive Custom Word Lists
  • Interactive Lesson Quizzes
  • Voice Recording Tools
  • Vocabulary Slideshow
  • Word Bank
  • Spaced Repetition Flashcards
  • Japanese Audio Dictionary
  • Grammar Bank

Which to choose out of Basic and Premium? Well, I think that if you learn best from audio lessons, and you just want to listen to Japanese lessons in the car or whatever, Basic membership is probably enough for you.

But most of us need more than just audio – we need to see new words written down, practise them with flashcards, test ourselves with quizzes and more. In that case, Premium is the better option. 

I’ve had Basic and Premium membership before. Basic was ok for a while but I found myself getting frustrated with so many features that were closed off to me, so I upgraded and haven’t looked back!

Personally I love the line-by-line audio dialogue feature, the word bank and grammar bank. These things just speed up my progress through the lessons so they’re worth the extra money to me.

Premium Plus

With Premium Plus membership, you get everything listed above, plus access to a real Japanese teacher to guide your learning!

  • 1-on-1 Interaction with your personal teacher at JapanesePod101
  • 1-on-1 learning on the app, anywhere, anytime: Android, iPhone & iPad
  • Guidance & ongoing assessment so you always know what to study next
  • Your own personalized learning program based on your needs
  • Weekly assignments – reading, writing & speaking – to hone your Japanese skills
  • Non-stop feedback, answers and corrections so you’re always improving
  • Badges for completed assignments to keep you motivated

Now, while I haven’t tried Premium Plus myself, I would note that your ‘teacher’ doesn’t actually teach you the lessons in real time. (I read a few reviews where people seemed disappointed by this.) 

Rather, your teacher sets tasks, provides feedback, and guides you on your journey. Most of your actual study time will be working through the online JapanesePod101 lessons by yourself – but your teacher is there to keep you on the right track. 

This could be a great option if you need an extra push on your language learning journey, and you want to get in some extra practise and get corrections on your work. 

If you are looking for one-on-one video classes with real live Japanese teachers I would recommend looking at italki.

Best value JapanesePod101 subscription

I also want to point out that at any level, you will pay less in the long run if you subscribe for a longer period. 

For example, if you pay for Premium membership just one month at a time, it costs $25 per month (at full price). 

If you subscribe for 24 months, the total cost is $240 – which works out to $10 per month.

Obviously, the 24 month option is much cheaper! The only downside is that you need the funds available to pay for two years upfront.

Of course, with my link for 65% off, Premium membership only costs $8.75/month (monthly subscription), or just $84 for 2 years when you pay upfront!

Important tip on renewing your subscription: After your initial subscription runs out, your plan will automatically renew at full price. I recommend you set a reminder in your phone or calendar to cancel a few days before. Once your plan has expired, just come back to this page to grab a new discount code and you will be able to resubscribe at a discount again.

Enjoy these discount codes. I hope JapanesePod101 will help you as much as it’s helped me!

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Rebecca Shiraishi-Miles

Rebecca is the founder of Team Japanese. She spent two years teaching English in Ehime, Japan. Now back in the UK, she spends her time blogging, self-studying Japanese and wrangling a very genki toddler.

8 thoughts on “SECRET JapanesePod101 Coupon Codes for Massive Discounts!”

  1. Thanks so much for providing the discount codes! I have used Basic and am now premium on Japanese Pod 101. Thanks again for your honest review. I’m excited to continue my lessons.

  2. どもありがとうございます! ^_^
    I am in a bad finances period and my first $1 month was also coming to an end, when I found this post and my eyes started shining! 🤩
    Now I can continue studying, and hopefully master the 日本語 at a price I can actually pay for !
    やったー! 💕

  3. Thank you very much for the codes. I’ve used your link with the 65% off. That is a massive discount indeed.
    Do you know what happens after the 2 years subscription is up?
    Do I still pay the same discounted price or will I be charged the full amount?

    • Great point! After 2 years your subscription will automatically renew at the full price. I recommend setting yourself a reminder to cancel shortly before your renewal date. Once the subscription is up you will be able to resubscribe using the same code (or whatever the best deal available at that time is) and it will reactivate the same account with all your progress saved etc. Thanks for bringing this point up, I will add it to the post to help others 🙂

      Enjoy your subscription and thanks for using my link!


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