8+ Romantic Japanese Words For Love

young woman showing love with hands in heart shape

Ah, love! One of the greatest feelings on earth. In English, ‘love’ encompasses varying degrees of liking, admiration, or passion for something or someone. Meanwhile, the Japanese language has many different words for ‘love’. The most common Japanese words for ‘love’ are koi (恋 / こい) and ai (愛 / あい).  Love like koi can … Read more

9+ Stunning Japanese Words For ‘Beautiful’

Maiko geisha walking on a street of Gion in Kyoto Japan

In Japan, whether you’re sightseeing, trying on a kimono, or shopping for household decor, you’re bound to find something beautiful.  The most common words for ‘beautiful’ in Japanese are kirei (綺麗 / きれい), and utsukushii (美しい / うつくしい). However, the degree of beauty being described by each word is different. While kirei can be used … Read more

Discover Your Language Learning Style (and Win at Studying Japanese!)

language learning styles japanese: a student wearing glasses and biting a notebook

If you’re wondering how to learn Japanese or what’s the best way to learn it, you might be interested in exploring your language learning style. Language learning styles are part of a larger category known as ‘Learning Styles’ which are divided into four major groups: visual, auditory (also called ‘verbal’), kinesthetic (also called ‘tactile’) and … Read more