The Ultimate List of Japanese Language Learning Resources

Japanese dictionary, phone and other Japanese study resources

This page is a collection of the ultimate resources for learning Japanese. We’re aiming to collect all the tools you need to learn Japanese right here on this one page.

We share as many free Japanese study resources as possible, although there are also some paid products that we highly recommend.

The list is updated every time we find a great new resource that will help you kick start your Japanese studies! Know a great tool or resource that we don’t already have here? Please let us know and we’ll include it in the next update.

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Best online Japanese course

Rocket Languages – this is our top recommended all-round Japanese course. Learn Japanese online, at your own pace, with interactive audio lessons, flashcards, voice recognition software, Japanese culture lessons, a forum where you can get help from native teachers, and more. You can read our full review here or get an absolutely free, no commitment trial at this link.

JapanesePod101 – another excellent course to learn Japanese by yourself, but with a focus on audio lessons in the form of podcasts. JapanesePod101 has literally thousands of audio lessons to choose from, which will take you from complete beginner to highly advanced. You’ll never get bored or run out of study material with this highly recommended course! What’s more, you can get a lifetime free membership right here!
Click here to learn Japanese with

Best resources for learning kanji

Remembering the Kanji – this book is generally recognized as the fastest and most efficient way of memorizing the Japanese kanji.

Kanji Koohi – this is a great free website which works in conjunction with the book above. Users share their mnemonics and stories to help remember the kanji.

Best dictionaries

Jisho – this is a great free online dictionary which has search functions for kanji, sample sentences, and Japanese names, in addition to normal words.

imiwa? – our favourite Japanese dictionary app for iPhone and iPad.

Best Japanese grammar resources

Tae Kim’s Japanese Grammar Guide – comprehensive and completely free guide to Japanese grammar. Available online, or as a free pdf or app.

A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar and A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar – if you are serious about learning Japanese, these books will be your bibles.

Other great Japanese learning resources

italki – hooks you up with language exchange partners and cheap one-on-one language teachers online.

Lang-8 – practise your Japanese writing skills by posting in Japanese. Your writing will be corrected by a native speaker.

FluentU – learn Japanese through subtitled YouTube videos.

rikaikun, rikaichan – awesome browser extensions to help you read Japanese online. Simply hover over a Japanese word and a mini dictionary entry will pop up. rikaikun is for Chrome, rikaichan is for Firefox.

Resources for Japanese reading practise

NHK News Web Easy – the top news stories each day in simple Japanese, complete with furigana on the kanji and a Japanese-to-Japanese dictionary on hover.

Where to buy Japanese materials online – Amazon will probably be your best choice for any Japanese textbooks and study guides. They also have an ever-growing assortment of books in Japanese and bilingual books. – if you’re looking for a book published in Japan, you might have more luck on They will ship anywhere in the world – although of course, shipping will be more expensive. Some of the site is translated into English.

White Rabbit Japan – ships directly from Japan to almost any country in the world. They have a fantastic assortment of Japanese language books and study materials. Can’t find what you need in their shop? They’ll buy and ship any item from Japan for you through their proxy service.

What are your top resources for learning Japanese? Let us know and we’ll update our list.