How to Learn Japanese

So, you want to know how to learn Japanese? You’ve come to the right place!

Japanese is a beautiful and unique language. And yes, it does have a reputation as a difficult language to learn. But it’s nowhere near impossible!

I truly believe that anyone can learn to speak, write and read Japanese. And I want to show you how!

What’s your goal in learning Japanese?

  • Perhaps you want to learn a few phrases before you travel to Japan
  • You might want to learn how to speak to your Japanese partner or family
  • Maybe you enjoy Japanese anime
  • Perhaps you want to read Japanese manga or novels in the original versions

Whatever your personal goal, on this page, you’ll find links to all my top articles and resources to help you learn Japanese.

I will keep adding to this page over time to make it the ultimate resource for Japanese language learners. So please, bookmark this page or pin it to Pinterest so you can easily come back to it.


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Want to know how to learn Japanese online? Click through for my collection of over 26 articles and resources to point you in the right direction!