Best Japanese Language Schools Perth: The Ultimate Guide

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We reckon it’s about time you knew about the top guns of Japanese language schools around Perth.

Yup, we’re spilling beans about the ones giving you the chance to learn Japanese with native speakers. We’re talking dive-in-the-deep-end kind of learning, where you get to speak, listen, read, and write Japanese from instructors whose mother tongue is Japanese.

What’s more, if you’re a bit pressed for time, some of these places offer flexible Japanese classes.

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Exploring the Quest of Learning Japanese in Perth

Learning Japanese in Perth isn’t just about trying to follow a bunch of confusing squiggles on a page. We’ve got a few teacher-approved ways to make it an adventure.

For example, we’ve come across one native Japanese teacher who hails all the way from Akita in Northern Japan. She’s a firm believer in the one-on-one teaching method, reckoning it to be more effective.

So, if you’re looking to learn Japanese as a foreign language, read on to find the best person to take you on this quest.

Journey in Learning Japanese with Perth’s Top Schools

It’s quite something to mosey around the city and discover the best schools for learning Japanese in Perth. Guess what? Some of them are headed up by tenacious teachers, like Ms. Chikako we mentioned earlier. They make sure when you start speaking Japanese, you’re sounding less like a lost tourist and more like a local.

And hey, with their handy downloadable resources covering everything from speaking to writing, listening, and grammar, you’ll be chatting away like a native in no time.

1) Perth Japanese Language School – A Personal Experience with an Experienced Native Teacher

Here we have the Perth Japanese Language School, ready to give you a taste of the conversational Japanese experience.

The school is run by Mari, a fully-qualified native Japanese teacher from Osaka and with over 7 years of experience teaching Japanese in Australia and abroad.

Mari-sensei’s stated goal is to teach you the Japanese you will actually be able to use in Japan! Sounds like a worthy goal to us.

At this Japanese school, you can pick from private lessons or group classes, in person or on Zoom – so you’re bound to find the Japanese class that works with your schedule.

This school has an uncommon knack for putting together well-structured courses – just right, not too slow, not too fast. Mari-sensei has rave reviews from former students, who claim she really helped their confidence in speaking Japanese.

They say it’s a bunch of fun, but we reckon you’ll have to find that out for yourself. If you’re keen on a path where the Japanese teacher is a native speaker, this might just be your place.

  • Website:
  • Address: Newcastle St, Perth WA 6000, Australia
  • Price: starting from $15 for a group class

2) iStudyJapanese – A Blend of Group Lessons and Video-On-Demand Online Lessons

Now, if you’re after a mix of face-to-face group lessons and flexible online classes, this Perth Japanese school called iStudyJapanese might just be the choice for you.

It’s the place where Miki Omori, a formidable teacher of the Japanese language, hangs her hat. Her students say she’s got a grand gift of converting head-scratching Japanese lessons into laugh-out-loud insights.

All lessons are recorded, so if you can’t make your class, simply catch up in your own time. Perfect for busy people!

Plus, live-stream classes are very affordable compared to in-person lessons.

Might be worth checking out if you want a fun, flexible, yet solid education in Japanese.

3) Yume Japanese Language School – Where Dreams of Speaking Japanese Begin

Yume Japanese Language School, a hidden gem nestled in Perth, offers a unique experience in learning the Japanese language.

With lessons crafted by Ms Yuko Umeda, a native Japanese teacher from Niigata with over 10 years of experience, this school brings the beauty and complexity of Japanese right to your doorstep.

Leveraging her extensive experience and certified expertise in teaching Japanese as a foreign language, Umeda-sensei channels her passion for her native language into each course, ensuring students get the best opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Japanese language and culture!

This Japanese school offers in-person lessons only for that traditional classroom experience.

Choose from group classes, private lessons, or the Tadoku club to improve your Japanese reading.

By the way, did you know that yume means ‘dream’ in Japanese?

4) Harmony Japanese (Japanese Lesson Perth) – A Symphony of Language Skills

At the heart of Perth, Harmony Japanese, also known as Japanese Lesson Perth, hums a symphony of language skills.

Helmed by the dynamic Ms Chikako from Akita in northern Japan, Harmony Japanese doesn’t just teach you Japanese, it immerses you in it. From speaking and listening skills to words and phrases, Harmony Japanese covers the full gamut of language learning.

The school only offers private lessons, and Chikako-sensei is passionate about really getting to know her students and tailoring her lessons to their interests and needs.

Backed by the endearing philosophy and undiluted passion of its founder, the courses offered here unravel Japanese language in the most fun and intriguing way.

In these classes, it’s not just words on paper; it’s about building bonds and fostering international relations through the medium of language.

5) Perth Japanese School

Perth Japanese School is uniquely run by an Australian-Japanese married couple, Jake and Mayumi Hudson. Between them, they have vast experience both teaching and learning Japanese and English, so they are in a position to really understand the student experience from both sides!

Their teaching staff includes other native Japanese speakers who live to share their language and culture with the Perth community.

Perth Japanese School offers private lessons, group classes and online (Zoom/Skype) classes.

6) Nichigo Centre – Bridging Perth and Japan through Language

Connecting the vibrant city of Perth with the Land of the Rising Sun, the Nichigo Centre flaunts a legacy of over 29 years. With a robust blend of Japanese language training and cultural immersion, this institution caters to students from Perth and around the globe. 

The Nichigo Centre upholds a versatile learning system, accommodating the diverse learning needs of the students. They offer group classes from complete beginner to intermediate level, or you can opt for a private lesson, which they will customise to your unique needs.

On top of that, they extend their support to Japanese students aiming to study in Australia in top-notch universities, making the transition smoother by offering services such as registration assistance, homestay and visa guidance, and more.

Essential Japanese Language Learning Resources

Cracking open the mystery of a language isn’t just about attending classes; it also takes some elbow grease to explore resources outside the classroom.

There’s an abundance of resources – from novels and movies to language learning apps and cultural exchanges – ready to help you hone your language skills, provide a deeper understanding of Japanese society, and, above all, allow you to switch between English and Japanese with ease.

But remember folks, language learning is a two-way street! Dive headfirst into the material and you’ll emerge with a deeper appreciation of the Japanese language and culture.

Reflecting on Your Japanese Language Journey in Perth: A Comprehensive Summary

Alright folks, we’ve walked you through some of the best Japanese language schools in Perth. From the traditional classroom vibe of the Perth Japanese Language School to the personalized teaching approach by Yume Japanese, the journey of learning Japanese in Perth is varied and wonderful, to say the least. 

From the vast courses offered by institutions like Murdoch University and University of Western Australia, to immersing oneself into the rich Japanese culture, Perth comes out as an excellent place for mastering Japanese.

So, are you ready to write a new chapter in your linguistic journey? Because in Perth, every journey with Japanese is bound to be memorable!

Do you prefer online lessons to study at your own pace? Here’s our top recommendation:

Want to learn Japanese?

JapanesePod101 is our top recommendation to learn Japanese online. We love the fun, current audio lessons and interactive online tools. Sign up for your free lifetime account and see for yourself!

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