The Super Simple and Easy Way to Learn Japanese

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Want to learn a new language?  The Japanese language? Awesome! You’re in the right place.

First of all, know that learning a language can take a lot of hard work. You want to find an easy way to learn Japanese? Well, there’s no real short cut. You have to understand that you have to put in some hours if you want to see results. There are various courses and programs that can make things easier for you, but ultimately it’s up to you.

That said, some courses are significantly better than others. Choose wisely, because the right course will make your Japanese study much more effective, and save you years of woe!

We recommend the Rocket Japanese online course as the easiest way to learn Japanese.

Here’s why:


Rocket Japanese hasn’t just come out of nowhere.

The course has been around for over 10 years, and is constantly undergoing revisions and updates as the developers acquire knowledge about what works.

The course uses the principles of Miller’s Law by Dr. George A. Miller, also known as the “chunking” process. This is the fact that an average human can hold just  7 ± 2 objects in working memory. So, simply described, big difficult content is broken into small easy parts or “chunks” for effective learning.

Rocket Languages has also studied polyglots (people who speak multiple languages) and interviewed dozens of other language learners to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t just jump into your language leaning blind. Use this research to your advantage. Make your own studies easier!


You won’t learn Japanese if you’re bored.

Well, you could, but it will be a much slower, less enjoyable journey.

If you’re having fun, it will be easier to learn Japanese – simple as that.

Choose a course you love, and you’ll look forward to coming back to your lessons each day. It won’t be a chore: it will be your favourite way to spend time.

This means you’ll spend more hours learning Japanese, and of course you’ll learn more easily!

Rocket Japanese is designed to be fun and interesting, and past students agree that it works. Don’t take our word for it – check out hundreds of past reviews here.


Studies show that you learn more effectively by doing. It’s not enough to sit passively in a classroom, listening to a teacher drone on. You have to take part in the lessons.

Force your brain to use the language when you study, so that you can easily remember what to say in a real life Japanese situation!

Rocket Japanese knows this. Each lesson contains several tests with the aim of enhancing your memory and recall. And these aren’t ‘tests’ like you get in school: they’re fun, interactive online quizzes.

Each lesson, you’ll test your listening, speaking, writing and reading. These interactive quizzes help new words and phrases stick in your mind like glue.

Japanese temple kinkakuji in Kyoto

Mobile and flexible

The traditional way to learn a language is to go and sit in a classroom for an hour once a week.

But is that the easiest way to learn a language? No.

It can be difficult to fit a fixed lesson time into your busy life. Not to mention, the lesson might not be at a time when you feel refreshed and ready to learn.

Much better to pick a course that works around you. With an online course like Rocket Japanese, you can access it at any time you want. You can study in the middle of the night if you want, or first thing in the morning before work. Whatever fits for you!

What’s more, you can access the course from any computer, smartphone or tablet. There’s even a special mobile app which syncs with the online course, so you can pick up where you left off if you have a spare five minutes.

Rocket Japanese makes it easy to learn Japanese on your terms. Take advantage!


Most people learn better if they are motivated.

This means, choosing a course that motivates you makes it easier to learn another language.

Rocket Japanese has several features to keep pushing you forward.

Firstly, the course dashboard is great for tracking. It will show you exactly where you’ve got to in the course, and what you next to do next.

Secondly, every activity you complete gives you points. Over time as your points go up, you get different badges. What’s more, there’s a leaderboard so you can compare yourself to other students and see who’s studied the most that day. This is great for competitive types! (but if that’s not for you, don’t worry – you can ignore it!)

We also love the streak counter. This shows how many days in a row you’ve studied. The best way to make a new habit is to do it consistently for at least a month, so try to study Japanese every day until it becomes natural. Once you’ve studied for several days, you won’t want to break your streak!

Try it out

These are just some of the reasons why we think Rocket Japanese is your best bet for a top easy way to learn Japanese.

But don’t take our word for it – try it for yourself.

You can get a completely free, no obligation trial access to selected lessons here. Why not give it a go and see what you think?

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