Cool and Cute Japanese Snacks with Tokyo Treat Box (June 2024 Review)

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Japanese snacks are in a league of their own! With their cute and aesthetic packaging, unique flavours and fun limited editions, there is nothing like a Japanese snack to make you feel transported to a different world.

Luckily, you can enjoy some of this magic even if you can’t travel to Japan or don’t have a Japanese supermarket near you. Enter the Tokyo Treat box!

Tokyo Treat is a Japanese snack subscription box. They deliver direct from Japan all over the world. There is a new themed box every month. You can order each box as a one-time treat, or subscribe to get new goodies every month.

Tokyo Treat boxes are full of popular, cool and crazy snacks. They always feature limited edition treats, too. Their stated mission is to give you a taste of modern life in Japan!

I am really excited to be unboxing the June 2024 Tokyo Treat Box this week. Join me and find out what goodies are inside!

TL;DR Get awesome Japanese snacks and candy delivered to your door each month! Save $5 with code TEAMJAPANESE when you order here.

Note: Tokyo Treat sent me a free box for the purposes of this review. Words and opinions are my own.

Tokyo Treat Box June 2024 contents

An open box filled with a variety of cute Japanese snacks titled "Tokyo Snackation!" is being unboxed. The text reads "Cool Japanese Snacks Unboxing" and "Ideal Gift Idea!".

Every month the Tokyo Treat box has a theme. It might be a region of Japan, a seasonal event or a cultural phenomenon.

This month, the theme is Tokyo! That means that the box showcases lots of products that are made in the city, or are related to the city.

I had a little helper in unboxing this box – my five year old son. He was so excited about this box. The brightly coloured packaging and cute cartoon characters make this box an excellent choice for children! My usually fussy son was also happy to try lots of new flavours, just because of the cool packaging and novelty factor! I was very impressed.

An orange box labeled "Tokyo Treat" sits on a blue surface. The box features colorful graphics on its sides, hinting at the delicious Japanese snacks inside. Perfect for your June 2024 Review!

Each box contains 15-20 authentic Japanese treats. Each box includes a soft drink and a packet of instant noodles, along with a selection of baked goods, candy, crisps and other sweet and savoury goodies.

Below are a selection of the highlights from this month’s box. I didn’t even get pictures of everything – there was so much to discover!

I gave my son first choice on what to try from this box and he went straight for the Mini Gummies. These tiny chewy sweets are shaped and flavoured like favourite Japanese summer treats: ramune soda, cola, grapes and apples. The idea is that you can combine them to make new flavours. They were tasty and fun to eat.

A packet of Japanese gummies from the June 2024 Tokyo Treat Box is placed on a blue cloth, with some gummies arranged in two small, white, leaf-shaped dishes nearby.

Next up, we tried the Chee-Zack cracker – a cripsy cracker with a slightly sweet cheesy flavouring. The sweet and savoury flavour is very Japanese. My son loved the cute Japanese packaging with a cool cat character, although the flavour wasn’t his favourite.

A fish-shaped bowl containing two pieces of food sits next to a blue snack package with cute Japanese graphics on a blue surface.

Time for a drink! Each Tokyo Treat box comes with a can or bottle of popular Japanese soft drink. This month we got to try Melon Cream Soda. The favour was excellent! In fact, we liked it so much we forgot to get any pictures haha.

On to one of my favourites – the Royal Milk Tea KitKats. Did you know that Japan LOVES KitKats? Before I went to Japan, I always thought of them as a very British snack but Japan has taken them and made them something else! There are literally hundreds of flavours available in Japan. One of my favourite things to do when travelling in Japan was to seek out the special regional flavours, such as salt from the Seto Inland Sea or purple potato from Hokkaido.

Anyway, enough of my reminiscing! All that to say, I was happy to try the Milk Tea KitKats in this month’s box :). They really did have taste like sweetened milky tea. Perfect with a cuppa! There was a generous pack of 7 mini KitKats, perfect for sharing.

A packaged KitKat Milk Tea bar lies on a blue surface beside a white plate with unwrapped KitKat pieces and another packaging. The KitKat wrapper reads "Let's have a tea party!" These Japanese snacks are featured in the Tokyo Treat Box.

Next up were the Pai no Mi Mini Peach Tart Pies. Again, a very generously sized package filled with lots of adorable little mini pies, great for sharing! The peach scent was very strong as soon as we opened the box. These were flaky little pastry treats filled with peach flavoured white chocolate. Oishii!

A box of sweet pie snacks with peach and rose fillings sits on a blue tablecloth next to a small blue and white patterned bowl containing three of the Japanese snacks. This delightful assortment could easily be part of a Tokyo Treat Box in the June 2024 Review.

My son’s personal favourite was the Pokemon Chocolate Marshmallow. Pokemon, chocolate AND marshmallow in one packet – what’s not to love?! This was a thick, chewy marshmallow with a chocolate cream inside. Each packet has a random Pokemon character. We got Piplup!

A yellow plate with a marshmalloe dessert cut in half, next to Japanese snacks featuring a cartoon blue Pokemon character on a blue tablecloth from the June 2024 Review of the Tokyo Treat Box.

We also liked the Neko Banana Dorayaki. As Doraemon fans will know, dorayaki is a popular Japanese snack made a kind of pancake sandwich with anko red bean paste in the middle. This version has banana cream instead of the bean paste. How cute are the little paw prints on the packet!

A child's hand reaches towards a yellow plate with a red border, holding a snack featuring paw prints. Next to the plate is a packet from the Tokyo Treat Box with an illustration of a cat on it. All placed on a blue surface.

And look at this Castella Donut. Castella cakes originally came to Portugal, but Japanese bakers put their own stamp on them and turned them into a local specialty. This castella in a donut shape was a yummy sweet snack, perfect with tea or coffee.

A flyer with descriptions of various Japanese snacks, including Koikeya Ume Chips, Castella Donut, Polvorón Naranja Peach Tart, and Honey Butter Squid Chips, is displayed on a blue surface alongside some cookies and a donut. This is part of the June 2024 Review for the Tokyo Treat Box.

Now for something savoury. We both LOVED the Koikeya Ume Chips. Flavoured with sour plum, these crisps had a uniquely Japanese flavour that was so much fun to try! The taste was slightly tangy but not too strong, so my son enjoyed them too, even though he is not familiar with ume.

A pink bag of ume plum flavoured Japanese potato chips lies next to a white bowl filled with crispy treats from the Tokyo Treat Box, set on a blue surface.

The Monjayaki Squid Chips were another unique Japanese savoury snack. Monjayaki is a local dish from Tokyo. It’s a kind of gooey pancake similar to okonomiyaki, and it often contains squid. The fishy smell was very strong when we opened the packet. My son didn’t love them, but I finished off the bag that night with a cold beer and they went down a treat 😉

An orange package of cool Japanese snacks from the Tokyo Treat Box lies on a blue surface next to a gray fish-shaped bowl containing the same snacks.

One of the most unique Japanese snacks this month was the Mitararshi Kibidango. It has cool, retro Japanese packaging with an image of Tokyo Skytree. It’s a mochi-based, chewy snack that is not overly sweet. It comes with an inner wrapper of edible rice paper to stop it sticking to the packet and your fingers.

A packaged Japanese candy bar next to an unwrapped candy bar on a yellow and red plate, set on a blue fabric background, as featured in the June 2024 Review of the Tokyo Treat Box.

Another unique and fun snack was the Jumbo DIY Sauce Senbei. These were thin and crispy rice crackers which came with a sauce packet to drizzle over! Although it wasn’t our favourite tasting snack, it was fun to assemble and had cute packaging!

Four round wafers, a small sealed packet, and a colorful, cartoon-adorned snack package from the Tokyo Treat Box are placed on a white rectangular plate on a blue tablecloth.

And of course, each Tokyo Treat box comes with a packet of instant noodles. This month there was a pack of Tokyo Shoyu Ramen. These instant noodles come with a packet to make the soy sauce flavoured broth that is a Tokyo speciality. I didn’t get a picture, but we are big noodle fans in our house and this one got our seal of approval!

How to order a Tokyo Treat Box

Tokyo Treat boxes can be ordered exclusively on their website here.

They deliver all over the world. Shipping costs vary by country – please check on their site.

Use our special discount code TEAMJAPANESE at checkout to get $5 off!

if you order before 15 June 2024 you will get this month’s box featuring all the products on this page (and more!). If you order after that, you will get whatever the current box is at the time.

Tokyo Treat

A unique gift box subscription service. Each box contains up to 20 full-size Japanese snacks, including sweet and savoury snacks, drinks, instant noodles, seasonal/limited edition treats, and more!

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Do I recommend the Tokyo Treat box?

I really enjoyed my Tokyo Treat box and I thought it contained a great variety of snacks, candy, drink and noodles! There was a mix of familiar flavours and unique Japanese tastes. We also loved the packaging and aesthetic of the box.

The box also really captured my little boy’s interest and we had some great conversations about Japan and about different foods while we enjoyed it together.

For these reasons, I would highly recommend the Tokyo Treat box to families who want to explore new tastes and cultures together!

Of course, it’s not just for kids! The box will definitely be a big hit with anyone who loves Japan, in particular modern Japanese trends and pop culture.

It makes a great gift idea!

As you saw, the Tokyo Treat box specialises in cool and popular Japanese snacks. If you prefer a taste of the traditional, take a look at their sister box Sakuraco. This box highlights authentic products from small businesses and traditional makers in Japan.

Have you tried a Tokyo Treat box? Do you have any favourite Japanese snacks? Please let us know in the comments!

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