11 Awesome Japanese Subscription Boxes to Bring Japan to You

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If you’re studying Japanese, you probably love Japan.

Whatever you love about Japan – anime, kawaii culture, traditional culture, food, snacks – there’s a box for that!

And what’s better than getting a special delivery from Japan? How about getting a special delivery from Japan every single month!

Don’t forget that you can buy most of these boxes as a one-off (no subscription). Why not test out different boxes before subscribing?

They also make great gifts for fans of Japan!

Here’s my round up of the best Japanese subscription boxes for every taste!

Tokyo Treat

A flat lay displaying the contents of the Japanese subscription box Tokyo Treat's August 2022 box, which has a summer theme. Lots of Japanese candies, savoury snacks and a pink drink bottle.

The Tokyo Treat box is a great option if you’re looking for a Japanese candy and snack subscription box that really brings you a taste of modern life in Japan. They specialise in limited edition and seasonal treats (something Japan does really well!), so you know you’ll be getting something unique each time.

Each box has a theme, and comes with a booklet that tells you more about the snacks, plus snippets about life in Japan and Japanese popular culture. The boxes contain 15-20 snacks which typically include a drink, an instant noodle packet, seasonal KitKats and a mix of savoury and sweet treats.

Pictured is the August 2022 Tokyo Treat box that I received. The theme was ‘Sugoi Summer’ and I particularly enjoyed the Chupa Chups Strawberry Cream Soda drink and the Watermelon Seed candy!

Use exclusive coupon code TEAMJAPANESE for $5 off Tokyo Treat and Sakuraco boxes.


A flat lay showing the Sakuraco August 2022 Japanese subscription box. Approx 15 different Japanese snacks, as well as tea bags and chopsticks, spilling out of a carboard delivery box onto a pink Japanese patterned cloth on the floor.

If your interests lie more in traditional Japanese culture, you will love the Sakuraco box. Inspired by the importance of tea culture in Japan, Sakuraco is all about taking it slowly and appreciating beautiful and authentic Japanese tea, sweets and snacks. They source their snacks from local makers and small businesses all over Japan, including many family businesses who have been honing their craft for generations!

Boxes typically include tea bags, traditional Japanese sweets such as mochi, manju and yokan, cakes and seasonal treats. They also include something for the home in each box, such as ceramics or a furoshiki cloth. I love this because you will have something you can use forever even after all the sweets have been eaten, and you can slowly build up a collection of homeware to Japanify your space!

Sakuraco sent me the August 2022 box to try out. The theme was ‘Okinawa Retreat’. I loved the refreshing Okinawa Shikuwasa Jelly (made from a local citrus) and the brown sugar bread!

Use exclusive coupon code TEAMJAPANESE for $5 off Tokyo Treat and Sakuraco boxes.

Japan Crate

Japanese Subscription Boxes - Japan Crate
Image: Japan Crate on Cratejoy

Japan Crate is one of the original and best Japanese candy subscription boxes. If you love trying new Japanese candy and snacks, this is for you. Free shipping direct from Japan to anywhere in the world each month! It comes in three different sizes, from the affordable Mini box (five items) to the amazing Premium box, which has up to 20 items plus a drink and surprise gift.

Doki Doki Box

The Doki Doki box is a special box from Japan Crate for lovers of all things kawaii! Each month you get a special selection of cute surprises from Japan, which might include plushies, household items, socks, accessories and more. They feature lots of well known character brands such as Rilakkuma and Pokemon.

Kizuna Box

Japanese Subscription Boxes - kizuna box
Image: Kizuna Box on Cratejoy

Kizuna Box is a very popular Japanese subscription box for fans of traditional Japan. You can choose from two options: the snack box or the lifestyle box. The snack box is (obviously) mostly snacks, and the lifestyle box has items such as ceramics, stationery, textiles and other home items. But both boxes contain a couple of items from the other category, so you can experience the best of both worlds 🙂 What’s more, each box is themed around the changing seasons!

Umai Crate

Love noodles? Umai Crate is one of the best Japanese ramen subscription boxes, from the makers of Japan Crate. Subscribers get 8-10 different Japanese instant noodle packs sent through the post each month, plus a special bonus item!

Zenpop Japan

Image credit: Zenpop Japan on Cratejoy

Zenpop Japan is another beautiful subscription box that specialises in Japanese stationery!

Each box has 10 cute and lovely stationery items such as notebooks, stickers, washi tape, pens and more. All the items are high quality and uniquely Japanese.

This Japanese stationery subscription box would be perfect for anyone into bullet journaling, crafting or planners, as well as anyone who just wants to bring a touch more Japan to their office or daily life!

Kawaii Box

If you love all things kawaii, you will LOVE the Kawaii Box! Each monthly box contains 8-10 super kawaii items fresh from Japan. The items include plushies, squishies, stationery, kawaii snacks and accessories, and lots more – it’s a real treat each month!

Each box features characters from your favourite official kawaii brands such as Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Pusheen and Molang.

Shipping is free worldwide!

Japan Candy Box

Japanese Subscription Boxes - japan candy box
Image: Japan Candy Box

From the makers of Kawaii Box, this is the perfect box for anyone who likes their kawaii with a sweet tooth.

Each Japan Candy Box has 10 different Japanese treats, including a mixture of exclusive Japanese KitKat flavours, character branded sweets, candy kits (a Japanese special!) and traditional snacks. The boxes are specially themed around the seasons and special events too 🙂

You can order this Japanese candy box with no subscription – just order one month at checkout.


Japanese Subscription Boxes - bokkusu
Image: Bokksu on Cratejoy

For those who enjoy trying traditional Japanese foods, this box is a joy. Each Bokksu box contains a selection of traditional Japanese snacks with a tea pairing, based on a different Japanese cultural theme each month.

The boxes also include a tasting guide to increase your enjoyment and appreciation of the treats.

There are two boxes to choose from: Classic Bokksu (20 to 25 Japanese snacks and a tea pairing) and Tasting Bokksu (10 to 14 delicious Japanese snacks and a tea pairing).

Use code FIRSTBOX to get 10% off your first box!

Nihon Box

Nihon Box is another great all rounder. It’s an especially great option for otaku and geeks, because each box has some manga and anime goods such as figurines and character T shirts. But they also have snacks and traditional Japanese household items! It’s a great selection that you can’t get anywhere else.

Have you tried any of these subscription boxes? Which is your favourite? 🙂

My favourite Japanese subscription boxes for Japanese treats to your door every month! Kawaii, candy, stationery, traditional culture, anime and more for all Japan fans!

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Rebecca Shiraishi-Miles

Rebecca is the founder of Team Japanese. She spent two years teaching English in Ehime, Japan. Now back in the UK, she spends her time blogging, self-studying Japanese and wrangling a very genki toddler.

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  1. I have subscribed to Sakuraco since August 2021. I still love it! Each month has different snacks and housewares, and they rarely repeat. This December box included lemon yokan, chestnut manju, and a lovely furoshiki. The quality is excellent. I’ll keep subscribing until I can’t afford it anymore.


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