TokyoTreat Review: Take a Peek at These Yummy Japanese Snacks!

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Craving a bite of Japan?

Among the many fantastic things Japan is known for, delicious food is near the top of the list!

Even if you can’t get to Japan to sample its delights yourself, there are many subscription boxes that will bring a taste of Japan to you.

TokyoTreat is one of the better known Japanese snack boxes. This month I sampled the August 2022 box, themed ‘Sugoi Summer’. Let’s take a look inside!

Disclaimer: TokyoTreat sent me a free box to review. This post contains affiliate links. Words and opinions are my own.

What is the TokyoTreat box?

TokyoTreat is a Japanese snack box that ships a variety of Japanese sweets, candy, savoury snacks, noodles and drinks to Japanophiles like you, all over the planet.

They specialise in seasonal, exclusive and limited edition treats! If you’ve experienced Japanese snacks before you’ll know they LOVE limited edition seasonal flavours, such as sakura in spring, salt in summer and chestnut in autumn. If that sounds up your street, you will love Tokyo Treat because each box is packed with seasonal specialties that won’t be available for long.

TokyoTreat is available as a monthly subscription, or you can order a one-off box if you just want to try it out. They also make a perfect gift idea for people who love Japan!

What’s inside the TokyoTreat box?

Each monthly TokyoTreat box contains 15-20 snacks, which usually include a mix of sweet and savoury treats, an instant noodle package, a drink, and the famously exclusive and adorable mini Japanese Kit Kats!

You also get a booklet which explains all about the different snacks, dietary requirement information, and cultural facts about Japan on the monthly theme!

TokyoTreat sent me one of their boxes for free so that I could share the contents with you all. Let’s take a peek inside!

I received the August 2022 ‘Sugoi Summer!’ box, themed around summer flavours, festivals and holidays!

The box contained 15 items, including:

  • Watermelon Seed Ramune Candy
  • Sakusaku Panda Salted Vanilla & Choco Cookies
  • Banana Man Marshmallow
  • Morning Menu Banana Castella cake
  • Chupa Chups Strawberry Cream Soda drink
  • Pure Potato Truffle & Rock Salt Chips
  • Sour Paper Candy Cola
  • Mashuro Marshmallow
  • KitKat Matcha Latte
  • Mini Milk Chocolate Balls
  • Chilled Tanuki Soba
  • Umaibo Mentai
  • Kakinotane
  • Yaki Edamame Cracker
  • Jagatteru Potato Snack

I was pleased to see the Kit Kats in there! When I lived in Japan, I loved buying local Kit Kats wherever I went on my travels. Lots of towns and regions have their own Kit Kats based on regional produce. And I love the mini size you get in Japan!

My little boy loved the colourful mini milk chocolate balls, and it kept him busy popping them out of the packet.

We both enjoyed the cute Sakusaku Panda cookies, each with a different kawaii expression.

And I liked the booklet with cultural information, as well as info about the snacks. It made the whole thing more of an experience and provides some context into why the snacks were chosen.

Who would enjoy TokyoTreat?

TokyoTreat is perfect for anyone who loves Japanese snacks, of course. But what struck me about this box is how it feels representative of life in Japan.

The snacks are the sort of thing you can find in the average conbini or supermarket, there are well-loved favourites and of course the limited edition seasonal treats. I also like the snippets of info about life in Japan that you get in the accompanying booklet.

So overall, I would say this box is perfect for those with an interest in modern Japanese popular culture, and anyone who wants to experience a taste of everyday life in Japan!

Also, I have to say that this box was a HUGE hit with my 3 year old! The bright colours and cute characters on most of the packaging are very appealing to children. So if you have little ones at home, this would be a great way to enjoy some Japanese culture with them.

I should mention that a third of the goodies were not suitable for vegetarians, and many of them contained common allergens such as wheat, dairy and soy. Unfortunately it is not possible to request a custom box. So if you have any specific dietary requirements, it may not be for you – unless you split a box with a friend or family member who will eat the snacks you can’t!

Does TokyoTreat ship to my country?

TokyoTreat boxes ship directly from Japan to almost everywhere in the world. The time and fee for shipping will vary depending on your country. You can check all the shipping information here.

Amazingly my box only took 2 days to ship from Japan to the UK and I got regular emails from the shipping company with updates.

Unfortunately, the shipping times and costs have increased due to Covid-19 restrictions, which have affected all companies mailing out of Japan. These could be subject to change so check the latest info on the site before you order.

TokyoTreat pricing

You can order TokyoTreat as a one-off, or choose a subscription plan. The price per box works out cheaper if you choose a longer plan, but you do have to pay the entire cost upfront. Here are the prices at the time of writing:

12 Months$32.5/mo
6 Months$33.5/mo
3 Months$35.5/mo

Tokyo Treat Coupon code: use code TEAMJAPANESE for $5 off!

Check current prices and offers on the TokyoTreat website.

Is Tokyo Treat worth it?

I really enjoyed my Tokyo Treat box. Of course, the price is more expensive than if you could buy the treats in Japan, but the point is to bring you treats that you wouldn’t usually be able to enjoy in your home country. Plus, it’s a great surprise unpacking the box and discovering the content each month!

If you are yearning to travel to Japan, a TokyoTreat box can bring a little bit of Japanese magic to you in your own home.

Don’t forget to use coupon code TEAMJAPANESE for $5 off if you make an order!

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