15 Awesome Gift Ideas for Japan Lovers in 2017 0

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Do you have someone in your life who’s obsessed with Japan?

(Hey… maybe that person is you 😉 )

If you’re looking for gift ideas for Christmas or a birthday, why not choose something that reflects their love for all things Japanese!

We’ve put together this gift guide of Japan inspired gifts, to help you choose the perfect present. Whether you’re looking for something kawaii, traditional or quirky, pick something from this list to make a Japan lover happy!

Kimono fabric purse

kimono purse gift idea

Do you know someone who loves traditional Japanese culture and textiles? How about one of these cute purses, made from real kimono fabrics. Each one is unique and handmade. Check out the rest of the Etsy store to take your pick from hundreds of gorgeous fabrics!

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Personalised Japanese name stamp

japanese name stamp gift

Name stamps (hanko or inkan) are used in Japan instead of signatures. When you open a bank account or sign a contract, Japanese people use their own personalised rubber stamp. In addition, Japanese artists stamp their work instead of signing it. This shop gives you the opportunity to order your own name stamp, direct from Japan! You can choose a cute image like a cat, or a more traditional shape. The shop will translate your name and make it into the stamp. This is a really unique gift for anyone interested in Japanese culture, and it could also be a useful stamp for anyone interested in crafts, scrapbooking or art.

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A Geek in Japan book

This awesome book is an alternative guide to Japanese culture. As you would expect from the name, it talks a lot about ‘geeky’ culture like manga, anime and video games in Japan. But it also provides an introduction to traditional Japan, like zen Buddhism and tea ceremony. This is an excellent book for anyone who wants to learn more about the many sides of life in Japan!

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Kawaii subscription box

kawaii subscription box gift

Kawaii (cute) culture is one of Japan’s most famous exports! Kawaii is everything girly, sweet and adorable, from Hello Kitty plushies to cute fashion accessories. The Kawaii Box is a subscription box that sends you a monthly surprise selection of kawaii goodies from Japan and Korea. Each box is different, but it may include toys, phone charms, stationery, stickers, candy and beauty products. We think a subscription box makes an amazing gift, because the lucky giftee actually gets several presents to open throughout the year! <3

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Jinbei jacket

jinbei kimono

A jinbei is a type of light kimono-style outfit. It can be worn like pajamas, or just as casual clothes around the house. They are usually short jackets and made from cotton, so they’re very comfy to wear. Authentic jinbei jackets from Japan are easy to buy online and not too expensive! This would make a really unique and treasured gift for anyone who loves Japan.

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Japanese activity kit for kids

japanese activity set kids

Want to teach your children about the wonderful Japanese culture? This cute gift set contains origami paper, stickers, photos, fact sheets, a paper fan and an activity book. A great way to introduce your children to Japan! This could be a nice kit for teachers to use in culture lessons too.

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Customised Japanese phone case

personalised japanese phone case

How cool are these phone cases? You can choose from several different traditional Japanese prints, including plum flowers, Japanese fabric look or Hokusai-style waves. Then, you can choose any word to be printed on the phone case. The shop owner will translate any name into kanji for you, or maybe you will choose an inspirational word such as ‘peace’ or ‘love’. Your phone case will be one of a kind, while also showing your love for Japan!

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I want to go to Harajuku T-shirt

Harajuku is a famous district of Tokyo, known as the centre of youth culture and fashion! It’s the number one shopping destination for anyone interested in cool Japan. This T-shirt says ‘I want to go to Harajuku’ in Japanese text (Harajuku ni ikitai na~!). This shirt would be a cool gift for someone who loves Japanese fashion and dreams of shopping in Tokyo! Japanese text shirts are always a good conversation starter too. Available in men’s and women’s sizes, and different colours too.

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Lonely Planet Japan travel guide

Anyone obsessed with Japan must be dreaming of visiting Japan one day. Help them out with this comprehensive travel book! Lonely Planet are the best travel guides on the market. This one is almost 1000 pages long and covers everything from shopping in Tokyo to hiking in the countryside. There are lots of colour pictures too for day dreaming over. This is a must-have for anyone who hopes to travel to Japan!

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Japanese name necklace

japanese name necklace

Name necklaces have been pretty trendy for a while. How about a name necklace in Japanese? This shop on Etsy will translate whatever name you want into Japanese and put it on a necklace. You could choose the name of the person who’ll wear the necklace, or perhaps the name of a loved one. (Or another word of your choice. This one actually says shiawase – happiness 🙂 ). It’s available in gold, silver or rose gold, and you can choose the font too!

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Personalised name in Japanese print

japanese calligraphy name print

If the person you’re shopping for doesn’t wear jewelry, how about a custom calligraphy print for their wall? Sakura Calligraphy shop will not only translate the name of your choice into Japanese, they’ll spend time selecting the best kanji to reflect your personality. You can also choose different backgrounds for the print. We think these are really beautiful!

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Sushi making kit

If you know a foodie who’s interested in Japan, let them have a go at making their own sushi! This kit contains everything you need to get started (except the fish!). You get rolling mats, chopsticks, sushi rice, sushi vinegar, a fan to cool the rice, recipes and more. A great introduction to Japanese food from your own home.

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Japanese candy subscription box

japan candy subscription box gift

Japanese candy and sweets are famous all over the world for their kawaii packaging, unusual tastes and general cuteness! If you’ve got a friend with a sweet tooth and a love of Japan, we love the Japan Candy Box. This subscription box service sends you 10 hand-picked quirky candies and snacks each month. They even have free shipping worldwide!

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Traditional Japanese snack box

japan snack box

If sweets are not your thing, how about this alternative subscription box of traditional Japanese snacks. Bokksu curate beautiful selections of authentic Japanese food products which are only sold in Japan! They work in partnership with many old family-run businesses to bring you the most traditional snacks. Each box is wrapped in a beautiful reusable furoshiki wrapping. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a subscription, you can also order a one-off box.

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All the best stuff is from Japan T-shirt

best stuff from Japan t shirt

This cute T-shirt will make any Japan fan happy! It has cute cartoon pictures of all Japan’s most famous and beloved things, from origami to Godzilla to the shinkansen bullet train! Available in men’s and women’s sizes.

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