13 Perfect Gift Ideas for People Studying Japanese 0

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The holiday season is coming. That’s right… it’s time to shop for gifts!

If you have a Japanese language learner in your life, what better present than something that celebrates their passion for Japan and Japanese!

That’s why we’ve put together a gift guide of top presents for Japanese language learners.

You might even find something for yourself, too 😉

Kanji poster

epic kanji poster gift idea

This epic kanji poster contains an amazing 2136 kanji! That is all the jōyō kanji (the kanji designated as official general use characters by the Japanese government, which Japanese schoolchildren are expected to learn by the time they graduate). This is an amazing gift for anyone determined to become fluent in Japanese, or just for anyone who admires the beautiful Japanese writing system.

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Hiragana and katakana flashcards

hiragana flash cards japanese gift idea

If 2136 kanji seem a little out of reach at the moment, why not start with hiragana and katakana! These are the two basic phonetic writing systems in Japan (similar to the Japanese alphabet). For a beginner student of Japanese, the best thing you can do is become familiar with the kana. These are beautifully-designed flashcards which you can carry around with you to study on the go.

Click here for the hiragana set and here for katakana

Dirty Japanese book

This would make an awesome gift for anyone who wants to know ‘real’ Japanese! This hilarious book teaches you everything you don’t learn from the textbooks, including Japanese swear words, dating terms, sex talk and insults. Perfect for anyone who actually wants to live in Japan and make friends with the locals!

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Nihongo OK! T-shirt

This T-shirt says ‘nihongo OK!’ (Japanese is OK) in Japanese characters. This fun shirt lets people know that the wearer speaks Japanese. This would be the ideal shirt to wear on a trip to Japan. It will help people to actually speak to you in Japanese, instead of throwing you the English menu and running away! It’s also a great conversation starter to wear in your own country. Who knows, you might get chatting to some Japanese speakers in your home town!

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JapanesePod101 gift subscription

japanesepod101 gift subscription

JapanesePod101 is one of the best resources for online Japanese lessons. They have literally thousands of Japanese lessons at every level and covering every topic. The best gift you could give a Japanese learner is access to this amazing collection of resources. Subscriptions can be for 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 months, and there are different levels of access available, so this can be a gift suitable for any budget. They even offer gift vouchers.

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Hiragana mug

hiragana mug

Do you know someone trying to learn hiragana? This useful mug has a hiragana table printed on it. It will help them to practise every day while they’re drinking their coffee!

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Koohii mug

japanese coffee mug gift

Speaking of coffee, how about this cute mug with koohii (the Japanese word for coffee) printed on? Perfect for your hot drinks while you study Japanese!

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Keep calm and study nihongo art print

Do you know someone who values good design just as much as they love Japanese? This cool art print would look great on their wall. And it will also motivate them to keep studying!

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iTalki gift card

giftcard italki

iTalki is an amazing website that lets you take private lessons with a real Japanese speaker from the comfort of your own home, over Skype. If you know someone who’d love to get some real Japanese speaking practise, why not treat them to some credits to buy some sessions on iTalki.

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Japanese vocabulary notebook

japanese vocabulary notebook

This cute, bright and colourful notebook is designed for learning Japanese words. Inside, the book is divided into three columns, for word, reading and meaning. Perfect for listing kanji, romaji (or hiragana) and English translation! It’s available in five colours, so you could even get a set for different topics.

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Miyazaki box set

Some people say the best way to learn a language is by listening. And what better way to get your listening practise in than with a box set of amazing classic movies. This is a set of the collected works of Hayao Miyazaki, the famous animator of Studio Ghibli. It contains 11 Japanese animated favourites including My Neighbour Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away.

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Funny anime T-shirt

learn japanese from anime t shirt

This shirt says ‘All my Japanese, I learned from anime’. We all know someone who this is true for! Anime is the reason a lot of us started learning Japanese. If anime has taught you more than any teacher or textbook, this is the shirt for you! Bound to be a great conversation starter at anime conventions too.

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Japanese keyboard stickers

japanese keyboard stickers

Have you ever wondered how to type in Japanese with an English keyboard? The easiest way is with these keyboard stickers. Available in white or black, simply stick over your keys and you can see the hiragana character as well as the English letter. Then, when you switch the language settings on your computer, you know which keys to press.

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Shopping for a Japanese language learner this holiday season? Check out our gift guide! 13 perfect gifts for anyone studying Japanese!