TokyoTreat Japanese Snack Unboxing! [Christmas Box 2022]

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Do you wish you could spend Christmas in Japan this year?

Well, I might not be able to make that happen for you, but here’s the next best thing: a box full of Christmas treats, direct from Japan to your door!

If you haven’t heard of the TokyoTreat box, it’s an awesome box packed full of unique Japanese snack foods. Each box has at least 15 different items, and they deliver from Japan all over the world. It’s available as a subscription or a one-off treat.

Each month has a special theme, and the December 2022 box is ‘Santa’s Snackfest‘. As you would expect, there are loads of limited edition treats only sold at this time of year.

Christmas came early this year for me, and I received the December 2022 ToykoTreat box to share with you all. Let’s have a peek inside!

Disclosure: TokyoTreat sent me a free box to review. This post contains affiliate links. Words and opinions are my own.

What’s inside the TokyoTreat December 2022 box?

This month’s Tokyotreat box contains 16 items. As always, there’s a mix of sweet and savoury snacks, seasonal and limited edition items, a drink, and an instant noodle pot.

Here’s the full list:

  • KitKat Milk Tea
  • Pocky Winter Caramel
  • Maneken White Chocolat Waffle
  • Tongari Christmas Corn Chips
  • Calpico Milk Stars
  • Royal Milk Tea drink
  • Christmas Chocolate Daifuku
  • Chocolate Covered Wheat Puffs
  • Petit Potato Nori and Salt
  • Jagatteru Potato Snack
  • Christmas Fugashi
  • Starry Night Corn Puffs
  • Ramune Christmas Surprise
  • Salmon and Spinach Cream Pasta
  • Tongari Christmas Corn Chips
  • Cheese in Snack

I especially loved the special Christmas products. The packaging was so cute and definitely put me in a festive mood!

If you’ve been to Japan, you might know that unique KitKat flavours are a whole ‘thing’. Every month, TokyoTreat box feature a different KitKat flavour. This month is was the delicious Milk Tea flavour! Even better, there was a can of sweet and refreshing Royal Milk Tea to enjoy alongside.

Pocky are another cult fave, and this box contained an amazing limited edition Winter Caramel flavour.

This box leans to the sweet side, but for those who prefer their snacks salty, no fear. There is also a selection of savoury treats including Petit Potato nori and salt flavour chips, cheesy snacks and a creamy spinach salmon instant pasta pot.

The box also contains a booklet with information about each of the snacks (including allergens) and cultural facts related to the monthly theme – in this case, Christmas in Japan!

TokyoTreat pricing and shipping

You can order TokyoTreat as a one-off, or choose a subscription plan. The price per box works out cheaper if you choose a longer plan, but be aware that you do have to pay the entire cost upfront! Here are the prices at the time of writing:

12 Months$32.5/mo
6 Months$33.5/mo
3 Months$35.5/mo

Use coupon code TEAMJAPANESE for $5 off!

Check current prices and offers on the TokyoTreat website.

TokyoTreat boxes ship from Japan to almost any country in the world. The time and fee for shipping varies depending on your country but starts at around $10. You can check the shipping information here. My box only took around 3 days from Japan to the UK and I received updates and tracking information on the way.

Order by December 15th to receive the Santa’s Snackfest box shown here.

My opinion

The Tokyo Treat box is a treat from the minute it arrives at your door, with its cute festive packaging. It really does feel like opening a Christmas present!

All the items are popular snacks, of the kind you would find in your standard conbini in Japan.

Of course, the items are in authentic Japanese packaging. Reading the names and labels is a fun way to practise your Japanese! Why not eat them while watching your favourite anime or J-drama and create your own Japanese immersion bubble 🙂

This box would be an awesome gift for anyone interested in modern Japanese life and popular culture. Perhaps for someone longing to travel to Japan, so that they could imagine they’re there for a little while?

It’s also great for families – the colourful packaging and ‘safer’ flavours (as compared to the wasabi and ume flavoured treats in the Sakuraco box) were a huge hit with my three year old.

Be aware that many of the products contain allergens, and the boxes are not vegan. At the moment they don’t offer boxes to suit different dietary requirements. However, you can order individual items from the ‘Mini Mart’ section of their website if you can’t eat certain foods but don’t want to miss out on the fun.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone who loves Japan, I think the Tokyo Treat box would be sure to raise a smile! You can order the Christmas box up until December 15th. After that the January box will be on sale.

If you order, don’t forget to use the coupon code TEAMJAPANESE at checkout for $5 off!

You can order a TokyoTreat box here.

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